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Jessie Hui Wang

Associate Professor

Institute for Network Sciences and Cyberspace
Tsinghua University
Beijing, China
Phone: 86-10-62603212
Email: jessiewang at

Research interests: network management, Internet routing/measurement, cloud/edge computing and distributed learning, network security.

For more information, visit my research on Internet topics and my research on network systems.

In recent two years, I am also working on an interdisciplinary research topic/project cyberspace governance, which involves 23 research institutions from 12 Asian and 2 European countries.

I also participated in some extra-large projects in these years, such as Future Internet Technology Infrastructure Project (FITI, ongoing, broadly similar to GENI), China Next Generation Internet (CERNET2, the first native IPv6 deployment in China), Space-ground Integrated Communication Network, and China Telecom Next Generation Internet Technology Research Project. See this CCR article for an example.






I am working closely with these students on some projects or papers:

Student Alumni

I also worked with Shengchao Liu, Haibo Wang, and Congcong Miao in 2018 and 2019.


Fundings (in total about six million in the recent two years)


Recent Publications

[CoNEXT 2021]

Shuying Zhuang, Jessie Hui Wang, Jilong Wang, Zujiang Pan, Tianhao Wu, Fenghua Li, and Zhiyong Zhang, "Discovering Obscure Looking Glass Sites on the Web to Facilitate Internet Measurement Research," CoNEXT 2021, Munich, Germany (Virtual Conference), December 7-10, 2021. doi:   (to appear.) paper

Despite researchers have noticed that Looking Glass (LG) vantage points (VPs) are valuable for Internet measurement researches, they can only exploit VPs from well-known LG sites published on several LG portal pages. There should be a lot of LG sites that are not published in these portal pages, namely obscure LG sites, which are not easy to be found and exploited by researchers. In this paper, we design an efficient focused crawler to discover as many LG sites as possible which can avoid unnecessary resource consumption on analyzing irrelevant pages. To facilitate practical applications, we further develop an automation tool, which can successfully retrieve 910 obscure automatable LG VPs from relevant pages obtained through our focused crawler. The 910 LG VPs significantly increase the geographic and network coverage of available VPs and we show their potential values in improving the completeness of AS-level Internet topology by a simple case study.

One reviewer commented “it is my new favorite paper” and most reviewers urged us to publish our tool and the list of LG pages we found because the tools and list can be very useful for their research. We make all artifacts of this paper available at Github, including source codes, tools developed by us, and the final list of 1,446 known automatable VPs and 910 obscure automatable VPs found by us.


For potential Postdocs and PhD students:

I am always looking for postdocs in the area of networking, cloud/edge computing, distributed learning etc. If you are interested, please email me and provide me with your CV.

I am also looking for self-motivated and diligent PhD students with intellectual curiosity and passion in doing "research". I expect my students have a strong background in